Thursday, February 20, 2014

Safe Browsing - Use an ad blocker - 2-20-2014

Malware infections via malicious ads are on the rise.  

Using an ad blocking software in your browser is somewhat controversial.  As consumers we are often receiving the benefit of web site content for free because the web site is able to pay its bills by selling advertising.  If everyone blocked the advertising, that model would go away and nobody wants that.  However, until the ad purveyors can be held to a higher standard, I highly recommend using an ad blocker such as Adblock or Adblock Plus

In my home we have avoided virus/malware infections quite effectively using the methods I have blogged about in the past which include ad blocking.  See here:  In addition to ad blocking, we have added WOT (Web of Trust) to our arsenal.  It is also a browser add-on that is installed in all browsers on all PC's in our home that helps to warn of potentially usafe links and search results.


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