Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Time to upgrade your Windows 7 PC's - end-of-life was January 2020...

A lot of people are still perfectly happy with Windows 7.  However, the time has come to let it go and upgrade to Windows 10.  Read here:

ZDNet article on Windows 7 exit strategy

To some people, Windows 10 seems like a lot of trouble and you've heard that it's hard to use or troublesome in some other way.  When Iowa PC Fixers upgrades your PC to Windows 10, you won't feel that way.  Your PC will boot faster, be virus-free (and more likely to stay that way), be clean and snappy, and a pleasure to use.  We'll install a super speedy solid state drive and use your current drive as a backup drive.  In addition to making your PC fast, this has the added benefits of keeping your data safe during the upgrade, and giving you a better way to insure your data stays backed up in the future. 

All for under $200.  If your PC is 7 years old or less, give me call. 


Kevin Kinneer
Iowa PC Fixers

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